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CSS property-list manipulation library

[Raku CSS Project] / [CSS-Properties] / CSS::Properties :: Calculator

class CSS::Properties::Calculator

property calculator and measurement tool.


use CSS::Properties;
use CSS::Properties::Calculator;
my CSS::Properties $css .= new: :style("font:12pt Helvetica;");
my CSS::Properties::Calculator $calc .= new: :$css, :units<mm>, :veiwport-width<250>;
# Converts a value to a numeric quantity;
my Numeric $font-size = $css.measure: :font-size; # get current font size (mm)
$font-size = $css.measure: :font-size<smaller>;   # compute a smaller font
$font-size = $css.measure: :font-size(120%);      # compute a larger font
my $weight = $css.measure: :font-weight;          # get current font weight 100..900
$weight = $css.measure: :font-weight<bold>;       # compute bold font weight


This module supports conversion of quantities to numerical values.

Note: CSS::Properties, CSS::Box and CSS::Font objects all encapsulate a calculator object which handles measure and calculate methods.

my CSS::Properties $css .= new: :style("font:12pt Helvetica;"), :units<mm>, :veiwport-width<250>;
my Numeric $font-size = $css.measure: :font-size;

method weigh

method weigh(
    Int $delta = 0
) returns CSS::Properties::Calculator::FontWeight

converts a weight name to a three digit number: 100 lightest … 900 heaviest