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CSS property-list manipulation library

[Raku CSS Project] / [CSS-Properties] / CSS::Properties

class CSS::Properties

management class for a set of CSS Properties


use CSS::Units :pt;
use CSS::Properties;

my CSS::Properties() $css = "color:red !important; padding: 1pt";
say $css.important("color"); # True
$css.border-color = 'red';

$css.margin = [5pt, 2pt, 5pt, 2pt];
$css.margin = 5pt;  # set margin on all 4 sides

# set text alignment
$css.text-align = 'right';

say ~$css; # border-color:red; color:red!important; margin:5pt; padding:1pt; text-align:right;


This class manages a list of properties. These are typically parsed from the body of a CSS rule-set or from an inline style tag.

CSS Property Accessors

CSS Properties provides rw accessors for all standard CSS3 properties.

use CSS::Properties;

my CSS::Properties $css .= new: :style("color: orange; text-align: CENTER; margin: 2pt; font: 12pt Helvetica");

say $css.color.hex;       # (FF A5 00)
say $css.color.type;      # 'rgb'
say $css.text-align;      # 'center'
say $css.text-align.type; # 'keyw' (keyword)

# access margin-top, directly and through margin container
say $css.margin-top;      # '2'
say $css.margin-top.type; # 'pt'
say $css.margin;          # [2 2 2 2]
say $css.margin[0];       # '2'
say $css.margin[0].type;  # 'pt'

# access font-family directly and through font container
say $css.font-family;       # 'Helvetica'
say $css.font-family.type;  # 'ident'
say $css.font<font-family>; # 'Helvetica;
use CSS::Properties;
use CSS::Units :pt;
use Color;
my CSS::Properties $css .= new;

# assign to container
$css.font = "14pt Helvetica";

# assign to component properties
$css.font-weight = 'bold'; # string
$css.line-height = 16pt;   # unit value
$css.border-color =, 255, 0);
$css.font-style = :keyw<italic>; # type/value pair

say ~$css; # font:italic bold 14pt/16pt Helvetica;

Other Methods


method new(
    Str :$style,
    CSS::Properties() :$inherit,
    CSS::Properties() :$copy,
    Str :$units = 'pt',
    Numeric :$em = $inherit.em // 12,
    Numeric :$viewport-width,
    Numeric :$viewport-height,
    Numeric :$reference-width,
) returns CSS::Properties



# Converts a value to a numeric quantity;
my Numeric $font-size = $css.measure: :font-size; # get current font size
$font-size = $css.measure: :font-size<smaller>;   # compute a smaller font
$font-size = $css.measure: :font-size(120%);      # compute a larger font
my $weight = $css.measure: :font-weight;          # get current font weight 100..900
$weight = $css.measure: :font-weight<bold>;       # compute bold font weight

This function is implemented for font-size, font-weight, letter-spacing, line-height, and word-spacing.

It also works for box related properties: width, height, {min|max}-{width|height}, border-{top|right|bottom|left}-width, and {padding|margin}-{top|right|bottom|left}. The reference-width attribute represents the width of a containing element; which needs to set for correct calculation of percentage box related quantities:

$css.reference-width = 80pt;
say $css.measure: :width(75%); # 60

multi method info

multi method info(
    Str:D $prop-name
) returns CSS::Properties::PropertyInfo

return module meta-data for a property

multi method handling

multi method handling(
    Str:D $prop
) returns CSS::Properties::Handling

return property value handling: ‘initial’, or ‘inherit’;

multi method important

multi method important(
    Str $prop-name
) returns Mu

return True if the property has the !important attribute

multi method important

multi method important() returns Mu

Return all properties that have the !important attribute

sub alpha

sub alpha(
) returns Mu

convert 0 .. 255 => 0.0 .. 1.0. round to 2 decimal places

multi method inherit

multi method inherit(
    CSS::Properties:D(Any):D $css
) returns Mu

CSS conformant inheritance from the given parent declaration list.


method set-properties

method set-properties(
) returns Mu

set a list of properties as hash pairs

method clone

    method clone(@decls, *%opts) returns CSS::Properties

Creates a deep copy of a CSS declarations object

method ast

method ast(
    Bool :$optimize = Bool::True,
    Bool :$keep-defaults
) returns Mu

return an AST for the declarations.

This is more-or-less the inverse of the CSS::Grammar::CSS3 declaration-list rule, but with optimization. Suitable for reserialization with CSS::Writer

method write

method write(
    Bool :$optimize = Bool::True,
    Bool :$color-names = Bool::True,
    Bool :$pretty = Bool::False,
    Bool :$keep-defaults = Bool::False,
) returns Mu

write a set of declarations.

By default, it is formatted as a single-line, suited to an HTML inline-style (style attribute).

multi method properties

multi method properties(
    :$all! where { ... }
) returns Mu

return the names of all properties

multi method properties

multi method properties() returns Mu

return the names of in-use properties

method property-exists

method property-exists(
    Str $_
) returns Mu

True if the property has been set

method delete

method delete(
) returns Mu

delete property values from the list of populated properties

method property

method property(
    Str \name
) returns Mu

returns the value of the named property