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CSS property-list manipulation library

[Raku CSS Project] / [CSS-Properties] / CSS::Font

class CSS::Font

Abstract CSS font object


use CSS::Font;
my $font-props = 'italic bold 10pt/12pt times-roman';
my CSS::Font $font .= new: :$font-props;
say $font.em;                  # 10
say $font.ex;                  # 7.5
say $;           # italic
say $font.weight.fmt;          # 700
say $;          # times-roman
say $font.line-height;         # 12pt
say $font.measure(:font-size); # 10pt
say $font.fontconfig-pattern.raku;
# {:family($("times-roman",)), :slant("italic"), :weight("bold")}

# requires FontConfig module to be installed
say $font.find-font;
# /usr/share/fonts/truetype/liberation/LiberationSerif-BoldItalic.ttf


CSS::Font is utility class for managing font related properties and computing fontconfig patterns.

method fontconfig-pattern

method fontconfig-pattern(
    @faces =
) returns Hash

compute a fontconfig pattern for the font

method font-props

method font-props() returns Mu

sets/gets the css font properties as a whole

e.g. $font.font-css = 'italic bold 10pt/12pt sans-serif';

method find-font

method find-font(
    %patt =,
    Int :$all is copy where { ... },
    Int :$best is copy where { ... }
) returns Str

Return a path to a matching system font

Requires installation of the Raku FontConfig module`

method pattern

method pattern(CSS::Font::Descriptor @font-face) returns CSS::Font::Pattern

This method returns a pattern based on the font and a list of @font-face font descriptor properties. Example:

use CSS::Font;
use CSS::Font::Descriptor;
use CSS::Font::Pattern;
use CSS::Stylesheet;

my CSS::Font $font .= new: :font-props("italic bold 10pt/12pt Georgia,serif");
    my $stylesheet = q:to<END>;
    @font-face {
        font-family:'Sans-serif'; src:url('/myfonts/sans-serif.otf');
    @font-face {
        font-family:'Serif'; src:url('/myfonts/serif.otf');
    @font-face {
        font-family:'Serif'; src:url('/myfonts/serif-bold.otf'); font-weight:bold;
my CSS::Stylesheet:D $css .= parse($stylesheet);
my CSS::Font::Descriptor @font-face = $css.font-face;
my CSS::Font::Pattern $pattern = $font.pattern;
say $pattern.match(@font-face).first.Str; # font-family:'serif'; src:url('/myfonts/serif.otf');

See also the CSS::Font::Resources module, which is able to handle fetching of local and remote objects.