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CSS Stylesheet representation

[Raku CSS Project] / [CSS-Stylesheet Module] / CSS::Media

class CSS::Media

CSS Media representation


use CSS::Units :dpi, :mm;
use CSS::Stylesheet::Media;
my CSS::Stylesheet::Media $media .= new: :type<print>, :resolution(300dpi), :width(210mm), :height(297mm), :color(32);
say $media.orientation;  # portrait
say $media.aspect-ratio; # 0.707071
say $media.have('max-height', 250mm); # False
say $media.have('max-height', 300mm); # True


Represents a target media for @media at-rules.


method type

use CSS::Stylesheet::Media :MediaType;
method type() returns MediaType

The basic media type. One of: braille, embossed, handheld, print, projection, screen, speech, tty, tv, all

method resolution

use CSS::Stylesheet::Media :MediaRes;
method resolution() returns MediaRes;

The media resolution, given in units of dpi, dpcm, or dppx. Default is 96dpi.


use CSS::Units :dpi, :mm;
use CSS::Stylesheet::Media;
my CSS::Stylesheet::Media $media .= new: :type<print>, :resolution(300dpi), :width(210mm), :height(297mm);
say $media.resolution.gist;  # 300dpi
say $media.resolution.units; # dpi
say $media.resolution.scale('dpcm').Int; # 118

methods width, height

use CSS::Stylesheet::Media :MediaLen;
method width() returns MediaLen;
method height() returns MediaLen;

The width and height of the media in appropriate length units (e.g. px, pt, mm, or in).

methods device-width, device-height

use CSS::Stylesheet::Media :MediaLen;
method device-width() returns MediaLen;
method device-height() returns MediaLen;

The physical width and height of the the display device, often given in px units.

method color

method color() returns UInt

The color-depth in bits (bits per component). Default 8;

method color-index

method color-index() returns UInt

The number of colors (e.g. gray-scale is 1, rgb is 3, cmyk is 4).


method orientation

use CSS::Stylesheet::Media :MediaOrientation;
method orientation() returns MediaOrientation;

The derived orientation. Assumed to be portrait if the height is greater than the width; landscape otherwise.

method aspect-ratio

method aspect-ratio() returns Numeric

Computed aspect ratio. Simply width / height.

method device-aspect-ratio

method device-aspect-ratio() returns Numeric

Computed device aspect ratio. Simply device-width / device-height.

method have

use CSS::Stylesheet::Media :MediaProp;
method have(MediaProp $prop, Numeric $val?) returns Bool

Returns True if the constraint is matched.

For example: $media.have('min-resolution', 200dpi) will be True for a media with resolution 240dpi).

The available constraints are: color, min-color, max-color, color-index, min-color-index, max-color-index, orientation, aspect-ratio, min-aspect-ratio, max-aspect-ratio, device-aspect-ratio, min-device-aspect-ratio, max-device-aspect-ratio, height, min-height, max-height, width, min-width, max-width, device-height, min-device-height, max-device-height, device-width, min-device-width, max-device-width, resolution, min-resolution, max-resolution.

method query

method query(Str $expr) returns Bool

Parses and evaluates a CSS media query. Returns True if the media matches, False otherwise. Example:

if $media.query('screen and (orientation: portrait) and (max-width: 600px)') {
       ... # media matches

Which is equivalent to

use CSS::Units :px;
if $media.type eq 'screen' && $media.orientation eq 'portrait' && $media.have('max-width', 600px) {