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CSS `@font-face` driven Font Selection and Loading

[Raku CSS Project] / [CSS-Font-Resources] / CSS::Font :: Resources :: Source :: Url

class CSS::Font::Resources::Source::Url

URL source references

Description This class is used to represent url source references.

The Str method returns the serialized url.

The IO and Blob methods resolve the font using:

Methods This class inherits from CSS::Font::Resources::Source and has its method available, including font-descriptor, format, IO and Blob.

head3 url

use URL
method url returns URI

The source URI. If the src url is relative (doesn’t have a scheme), an absolute URI is computed, by calling ‘rel2abs()’, on the font resource base-url. For example:

use CSS::Font::Descriptor;
use CSS::Font::Resources;
use CSS::Font::Resources::Source;
my CSS::Font::Descriptor @font-face;
@font-face.push: :font-family("Times"), :src<url("fonts/TimesRoman.ttf")>;
my $font = "12pt times";
my CSS::Font::Resources $fonts .= new: :$font, :@font-face, :base-url</myfonts>;
my CSS::Font::Resources::Source @sources = $fonts.sources;
say @sources.head.url; # /myfonts/fonts/TimesRoman.ttf